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by Joe Havelick 28. May 2011 06:40

For those of you that are pilots, pilots in training, or an avid entusiast of general aviation, I suggest you support the General Aviation Stack Enchange proposal.

A stack exchange is a Q&A site that allows community members to ask and answer questions about a certain topic. While this doesn't seem to exciting, there are a number of existing Exchanges for Software Development, Cooking, Math, etc., all of which by virtue of how they work, quickly becomes a definative source of information for a specific community. It's not trying to be the "Facebook" of aviation (there are enough of those), but it would become an awesome resource for pilots. If you ever wonder about things like what you need to do to fly over Fenway (inside the Class Bravo), or want to be able to share your knowledge, then please use the link above, and consider committing to support the community. No money. No significant effort required. Simply a couple of clicks.



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