Review: Jawbone JAMBOX

by Joe Havelick 16. April 2011 09:42

The Jawbone JAMBOX is a phenomenal sounding portable speaker that is a little smaller than a bottled water. It's battery powered, bluetooth compatible, and ready for use with an iPhone, laptop, or any other device. At $200, it's a bit on the pricy side, but in my opinion, it's worth every penny.


The thing that first caught my attention of this unit was the sound quality. My brain still has trouble accepting that the sound I hear comes from this unit. Especially surprising is the amount of bass that it musters up. At full volume, this thing has some thump. The mid and high ranges are well balanced as well. There are limits to the loudness of the unit, but I think it will suffice for most indoor scenarios, and some outdoor.

The unit itself can be used comepletely wireless. It has an internal battery that is said to last 10 hours. Although I haven't tested this, I will say that I've used it for some time, and the battery still reports full. It can also be plugged in (and recharged) via a standard USB mini plug. You can broadcast to the speaker using Bluetooth or a standard phone cable. I'm not a wizard with Bluetooth protocals, but I will say that there are ones that sound just okay. This is not one of them, it sounds great.

Out of the box, the unit comes with some nice accessories. It comes with (2) usb mini cables (short and long), a wall plug, a compact phone cable, and a neoprene case that adds some protection with very little bulk.

It is well integrated with the iPhone. After pairing, I was surprised to see that there was a little batter power meter for it in my iPhone status bar. The unit is "upgradable" through, including some alternate languages and tools. Oh, did I not mention that it's also a kick ass speakerphone too.

I find this unit ideal for listening to music/podcasts or watching movies

  • In the shower,
  • while working out,
  • at my workbench,
  • doing laundry,
  • grilling on the back porch,
  • or in a hotel room.

In summary, you really need to see and hear this unit to get a feel for how mind bending it is. It's size and battery power make it ideal for portability. It's quality (sound and design) make it an awesome product that enriches my life.

Oh, and then there's this:



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