Aerobatic Flight Data Recorder Trial 5

by Joe Havelick 16. April 2011 10:33

(see part one of this article)

1302967162-00422- (357.16 kb)

I brought the data recorder up yesterday for my second flight of the season. Although my flying was a bit rusty, the unit performed perfectly. You'll notice a significant difference in the roundness of my loops, and half cubans, and precision on the stalls.

I've found that a rechargable battery was not sufficient for an hour flight, but a regular alkaline battery works perfectly. Thus I was able to log my landings, including a go around for spacing.

On the side, I spent some time working with a Netduino Mini as a potential replacement for the Arduino. It is a much smaller form factor, and would allow for much simpler debugging.



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1/28/2013 8:44:13 AM #

Morris Tull

Great device and exactly what I have been looking for to self critique my own aerobatics. Have you got this to the point you can sell or share the design? Would love to get one.

Morris Tull |

1/30/2013 10:21:54 AM #


Hi Morris,
It's not something I feel there is a big enough market or profit margin, so not worth selling. I was working on a new version to track things like pitch, roll, and yaw, in addition to position, but haven't been flying in months.
I'm happy to share information with you, but it's a bit of a DIY project that would require some basic electronics skills (soldering). Total cost of materials for it is on the order of $220.
If you're serious and up for the task, I could help you out.

joey |

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