by Joe Havelick 5. March 2010 20:31

It was a beautiful weekend, warm and clear skies.  I decided to take a spin in a Cessna 172GA.  I convinced Naomi, who expressed some concern about flying in such a small plane, to come with.Being alumni of Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), we decided to take  spin by the old alma-mater; a short trip out and back.

A fairly normal preflight was contrasted by an unusual run-up.  In testing the magnetos, I found that the engine would flat out stall on the left only setting.  Usually, a dirty injector can be cleaned by leaning it out and running the engine hot for a minute, but this only seemed to make the problem worse.  No sense in flying on one magneto, so we taxied back to the ramp, and traded in for a plane that won't leave us halfway to Worcester on the side of I-90.  This made Naomi happier.

Took off, did a little flying around, steep turns, stalls and the likes, and then did a flyover of the Worcester airspace.  Then we setup for a straight in approach to runway 29.  This put us in perfect range of the WPI campus and gave us the shots we wanted.  A quick touch and go in mild crosswind, and we were on our way back to Bedford.

Naomi described it as "better than she thought it would be".  And no one threw up.  Mission accomplished.



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William Herbert

Excellent photo.

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