Mind Performance Hacks - Ron-Hale Evans

by Joe Havelick 3. January 2009 18:52

Rating: 4/5

Overall: A very enjoyable book with some real work techniques to walk away with.  A worth-while purchase for yourself, or as a gift.


  • Interesting and useful techniques and tips for thinking more effectively.  If you were ever curious about ther methodoliges behind Arthur Benjamin's Mathmagic, you'll find many of them here.  Although it would take a tremendous amount of practice and talent to do it as gracfully as him, you may be able to apply some of the techniques in more standard day-to-day scenarios effectively.
  • Broken down into individual "tips" of 3-8 pages, making it an easy book to pick up and put down based on available time, or look for a particular item of interest.


  • Ron Hale-Evans is definately a programmer.  Many of the tips have a programming slant on them, and several go as far as to include Perl scripts to demonstrate the tips.  This may be an pro to some, but I find it a bit off topic.
  • Some of the examples used in the book are a bit obscure.  I found myself wishing some items were better or more completely explained.



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