Auto-formatting SQL Scripts

by Joe Havelick 7. January 2008 22:06

The importance of well formatted code can be appreciated by any seasoned professional.  This is transient across any language I've dealt with, including SQL.  Visual Studio has functionality for auto-formatting your XHTML, C#, and VB.NET code (CTRL+K, CTRL+D), but SQL Management Studio, a derivative of Visual Studio, doesn't have such a luxury for SQL/TSQL code.

Instant SQL Formatter does have a functional online formatter for neatening up your SQL script for free.  Additionally, for a price, you can download an add-in to Visual Studio, or SQL Management Studio for embedded functionality.

A number of parameters allow you to customize the result, ranging from the desired database type, to language.   This will allow you to take ugly scripts like this:

select column1, column2, column3
from table1 inner join table2 on table1.cloumn2 = table2.column2 
where value = 'false'

and turn them to this:

WHERE  VALUE = 'false'

Perhaps not an astounding example, but when applied to large, chaotically formatted scripts, it can make a huge difference.


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This online tools also is good in formating sql script

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